"You have to understand the technology to make the right decisions"

Andrew Morton gets a thrill from being involved in great inventions. With high-tech clients in Australia and overseas, he works in a market driven by innovation. 

“In many cases, the quest is to bring as much of any business as possible on line, to bring information, transactions and experiences possible online. The internet has moved on from being just a handy way of finding information to an integral part of our daily lives and a basic tool for business and commerce.

Andrew says “This can be a challenge from a patenting perspective. It’s become obvious that people will use a computer to solve a problem, but exactly how they use it isn’t always obvious. And the ever increasing power of computing means we are looking at problems that are more complex than ever before."

Andrew’s technical focus is broad, working with optical systems, particularly in medical imaging, photonics, microscopy and laser applications. He also assists inventors with the protection of newly developed surgical devices, computer simulation systems, injection moulding techniques and precision timing devices.

“You have to understand the technology to be able to be able to make sure the essential components are understood at every step of protecting the IP, so the right business decisions can be made.”


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Physics) – University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Science (Physics) (Honours) - University of Melbourne
  • Registered patent attorney (Australia and New Zealand)