“Businesses who are operating overseas, or have started to explore export market opportunities, have both great opportunities and challenges ahead of them.”

Multinational enterprises are seeing increasingly more attention from both the Government and the Press. In this regard, Claire specialises in both export market development grants and transfer pricing.

With over ten years’ experience in Australia and the UK, Claire helps organisations to obtain export market development grants, as well as to set transfer pricing policies, prepare transfer pricing documentation, negotiate advance pricing agreements and draft responses to tax authority enquiries. She has also managed global transfer pricing documentation projects to meet the local requirements of a number of countries around the globe. Claire says organisations often overlook the impact transfer pricing has on their competitive advantage and risk profile “The benefit of sound transfer pricing policies which are well documented are not to be discounted – transfer pricing policies which align with the commercial needs of the organisation will contribute to its success”.


  • Chartered Accountant, Australia and New Zealand
  • Bachelor of Economics - University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Commerce - University of Queensland