"Australian companies could leverage their ideas better"

“The idea is just the beginning, it’s what you do with it that counts”, says David. “Australian companies are smart in developing clever solutions to problems but they could leverage them better than they do.”

With an accounting background spanning 15 years, David harnesses R&D tax incentives to assist clients obtain the best financial return from their investment in IP. David has also led a string of successful government grant submissions, including a record breaking grant of $9.6 million from the Clean Technology Investment Fund.

As well as helping Australia-based clients, David and his team assist small international biotech companies set up research and development activities in Australia. “Our favourable R&D tax incentive program, whereby almost half of all drug development costs may be eligible to be refunded by the Government, combined with a thriving biotech industry, Australia is an attractive location for start-up biotech companies looking to undertake clinical trials.”


  • Master of Laws in Intellectual Property – University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Business – Griffith University