“Producing a search report is not enough. You need to add meaning to the results so that clients understand the options available to them and can see a path forward.”

With over 15 years’ experience as an IP analyst, George helps clients to identify key players and patents within their area of technology from the high level IP landscape to individual inventions and patent records. George has also played a key role in the creation of a number of Network Patent Analysis tools including Amberscope, a search engine that enables clients to visually search the vast collection of world-wide patents.

With diverse technical backgrounds from pharmaceuticals and chemical engineering to mechanical and IT systems, George manages a team of expert analysts with a deep understanding of the technology that underpins our clients’ innovation. “Our team’s technical expertise and analytical skills allows us to provide our clients with the intelligence and insights they need to take on new innovation opportunities, assess risk and make decisions with confidence.”


  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Organic Chemistry – University of Sydney

  • PhD in Organic Chemistry – University of Sydney