"It’s important to put R&D incentives to work for your business"

Tracey sees first-hand the significant time and resources that companies put into their R&D. While incentives for R&D in Australia are relatively friendly, she says commercialising it is a different story. Organisations need all the help they can get to negotiate this part of the process.

Tracey helps clients utilise government tax incentives and grants to maximise their investment in IP. She has led several successful grant submissions for SMEs to large corporations, one of which was a record breaking $9.6 million grant from the Clean Technology Investment Fund. 

Tracey also helps companies that commercialise their IP in Australia and offshore meet their transfer pricing obligations across a range of tax jurisdictions. “The Australian Taxation Office is at the forefront of the transfer pricing policy setting. Australia has the most onerous transfer pricing requirements and many companies see their competitive advantage eroded by poor Transfer Pricing policies and practices."


  • Master of Accounting Studies (Distinction) – Southern Cross University
  • Bachelor of Arts – University of Queensland