The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) program assists small to medium sized Australian businesses by reimbursing 50% of eligible costs (up to a maximum grant of $150,000) associated with the development of export opportunities.

As an Austrade approved EMDG consultant, Griffith Hack’s clients can be confident that the claim we submit for you will be the grant you receive. Being Austrade approved also means we can submit EMDG applications for you three months beyond the usual 30 November deadline, until 28 February.

Our approval under Austrade’s ‘Quality Incentive Program’ (QIP) recognises that Griffith Hack has achieved and maintained a high standard of EMDG application over an extended period of time. Austrade measures quality through its ‘slip’ percentage. This is the percentage of claims in an EMDG application that were disallowed. For the 2016 year, approved consultants had to have a ‘slip’ rate of 5% or lower to maintain approval (i.e. less than 5% of expenses claimed are disallowed).

We take our approval seriously, which is reflected by the fact that Griffith Hack’s slip rate is approximately 2%, lower than the average slip rate of other QIP approved consultants (5%), and significantly lower than the average slip rate of non-approved consultants (13%) and self-lodging applicants (15%). By engaging Griffith Hack to prepare your EMDG application, you can be confident that Griffith Hack will identify all potential expenses, leading to a higher grant, and that the amount we apply for will very likely be the amount you will receive.

In order to assist clients lodge a robust EMDG claim, Griffith Hack offers two service packages, depending on your needs.

Full service

Our ‘full service’ engagement typically includes:

  • An initial meeting or conference call to identify EMDG related activities and costs
  • Assistance with the collection and collation of the relevant financial documentation, which includes further assessment of the eligibility of each expenditure item
  • Preparation and lodgement of an ‘audit ready’ application, which includes assisting to identify and collate any ancillary supporting documentation, necessary to substantiate the application. This includes identifying any areas of weakness within the claim, and proposing suggestions to improve the strength of the claim. 
  • Attendance at any Austrade audit meeting with respect to your EMDG application
  • Preparation of responses to any queries raised by Austrade during the audit meeting.

We take a hands-on approach to the claim preparation process to ensure we are able to quickly address any Austrade queries, giving you greater certainty that the grant you submit is the grant you will receive.

The cost of this service varies, dependant on your estimated claim size. Please contact one of our EMDG specialists, who will be able to provide you with a quote.

High level review

Some clients prefer to prepare and submit their EMDG application themselves to save on cost, however they may be uncertain as to the accuracy or completeness of their claim or whether they have missed any opportunities for additional expenses. To ease the uncertainty of the self lodging process, Griffith Hack can undertake a review of your EMDG application prior to you lodging your claim, and provide you with a letter of advice identifying strategies to improve the strength and size of your application.

Please note this option is only available to clients wishing to self-lodge their EMDG application. The deadline for self-lodgement is 30 November.

This is a minimum cost service, specifically for self-lodgers. Please contact us for the details of the cost of this service.