Part of Xenith IP Group

Xenith IP Group, one of Australia’s largest IP services groups, through its member firms provides industry-leading depth in traditional IP services in conjunction with a uniquely comprehensive suite of complementary advisory services along the innovation pathway. 

With an agile approach and flexible structure, we focus on bringing the best people, systems and thinking seamlessly together, to deliver world class services, leveraging opportunity for our clients from their technologies, brands and intangible assets.  We think more broadly, more deeply and more holistically about innovation and IP, to maximise value and competitive advantage for our clients. 

GH PTM Pty Ltd (ACN 615 893 055) t/as Griffith Hack and GH Law Pty Ltd (ACN 615 894 365) t/as Griffith Hack Lawyers (Griffith Hack) are private companies and wholly owned subsidiaries of Xenith IP Group Limited (ACN 607 873 209), an Australian public company.  Other companies owned by Xenith IP Group Limited include Watermark Intellectual Property Pty Ltd and Watermark Intellectual Property Lawyers Pty Ltd (Watermark), Shelston IP Pty Ltd and Shelston IP Lawyers Pty Ltd (Shelston) and Glasshouse Advisory Pty Ltd (Glasshouse).

All of the registered Australian patent and trade mark attorneys and attorney firms within Xenith IP Group are bound by the Code of Conduct for Trans-Tasman Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys 2018 (Code of Conduct).  Similarly, all of the Australian legal practitioners and law firms within Xenith IP Group are bound by the relevant Solicitors’ Conduct Rules.  For the purposes of the Code of Conduct Griffith Hack, Watermark, Shelston and Glasshouse operate independently in the provision of attorney and ancillary professional services. 

In particular, rigorous security and data protection protocols are firmly in place to ensure that all confidential, financial, and commercially sensitive information pertaining to clients of Griffith Hack is strictly contained and is not accessible by any other IP firm in the group.  This avoids the potential for any conflict of interest arising in relation to clients served by different entities in the group. 

The enlarged resources of Xenith IP Group enable us to invest in attracting, retaining and developing the best and brightest talent in the industry, ultimately for the benefit of our clients.  We are also investing in the most advanced systems, processes, and technology platforms to ensure clients derive unparalleled value from increasingly efficient and effective service delivery, across a comprehensive spectrum of traditional IP, legal, and complementary new services.  These include services such as IP valuation and commercialisation, IP searching and analytics, IP strategy and innovation incentives now delivered in collaboration with Glasshouse Advisory. 

At the same time, the regulatory environment for public companies ensures unprecedented levels of rigour in terms of corporate governance, strategic focus, risk management, transparency and accountability, with which many of our clients operating in the same environment will be familiar. 

These developments allow us to continue to provide the highest levels of service, professionalism and independent advice within a more flexible, dynamic and progressive structure, bringing significant benefits to our clients and our people. 

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