Given the scope of our operations, there may be matters where we as a firm act for clients with competing interests. We act in accordance with applicable professional codes of conduct, and always act in the best interests of our clients.

We take all reasonable steps to avoid creating actual or potential conflicts of interests, and where these are identified, we have procedures in place for resolution. Where a conflict of interest has been identified, it does not necessarily mean we will not accept work from another client. To the extent permitted by our obligations to other clients, we will discuss any potential or actual conflicts of interests that may be identified with you.

An attorney or lawyer will only act for clients with competing interests after obtaining consent from all parties. The firm may work for clients with competing interests, where the representing attorneys or lawyers are different and there are information barriers in place to protect confidential information.

We will not act for two or more current or former clients in the same matter in a dispute or litigation.

There are avenues for you, should you want or need to make a complaint about an attorney or lawyer. Please refer to the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board or relevant state-based legal authorities.