Protecting your confidential information


Thursday, 16 March 2017

Event Summary

As most organisations have confidential information and trade secrets, from time to time it becomes necessary to prevent former contractors or employees from misappropriating that confidential information.

Hosted by the Association of Corporate Counsel, join Kellie Stonier, Principal of Griffith Hack Lawyers and Tracey Murray, Director of Griffith Hack Consulting to discuss:

  • The court’s position in relation to trade secrets
  • Various case studies including SAI Global Property Division Pty Ltd v Johnston and Europa International Pty Ltd v Child - where things went wrong and how they could be prevented
  • Tips for protecting your trade secrets
  • Documenting the development/evolution of R&D/know how
  • Recent tax changes regarding the movement of employee know how between international related parties

To attend you can register by contacting us at gh.marketing@griffithhack.com.