Webinar: Zero to IP Hero, An innovator's perspective


Wednesday, 16 September 2020
12:30PM - 1:30PM AEST

Online webinar

Event Summary

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Nicolas Rayer CEO of RegenX Systems will be discussing what Intellectual Property means for a SME business and the journey and positive impact that this process can have. Through an open discussion with Patent Attorney & Principal Robert Wulff, this webinar will cover everything from the initial conclusions leading to seeking IP protection all the way through to capturing the invention and filing for a patent.

What will be covered
  • RegenX technology; it’s evolution from an inventor’s rough prototype through to a properly engineered concept.
  • What led to the conclusion that RegenX needed to protect their IP.
  • How RegenX defined their value proposition with a clear and compelling competitive advantage.
  • How patent attorneys seek to capture innovation in patent documentation and thereby strengthening the asset base as well as the company value.
  • How technology can be a "game changer" on a world scale for businesses like RegenX.
  • How contextual framing of the idea can inform how patent attorneys draft the patent and capture the invention.
  • What was important to the RegenX business throughout the process, and what are some of the key decisions RegenX has had to make along the way.
  • What is the value of IP protection to the RegenX
  • Nicolas and Roberts suggestions for other companies that may be considering protecting its IP
About the presenters

Nicolas Rayer

Born and raised in Paris, France, Nicolas pursued a Rugby career in his formative years, played for France between 1986 and 1989 in junior representative fixtures. In Australia since 1990, Nicolas worked in sales and marketing for European firms and studied a Master of management at Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

Since 2006, Nicolas has been MD/CEO of 5 international organisations in consumer goods and engineering related fields until 2018. Nicolas took on the role of CEO of RegenX Systems in 2019.

Robert Wulff

With an impressive 30+ years in the IP profession, trained Chemical Engineer Robert works with and develops IP strategies for a variety of organisations in the chemical, materials and process engineering industries and in the field of applied chemistry.

Robert works with clients in the resource industries, in clean and efficient energy technologies, water and waste treatment, packaging and closure systems and in agricultural technologies. Robert also heads the firm’s designs practice, working with many large domestic and international producers of designed products.


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