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Internet enabled IP transactions continue to expand into new and interesting areas. One recent development is PCTxs, an internet based marketplace offering technology for sale or license in the form of National Phase patent application rights associated with published PCT International Patent Applications.

When an International Patent Application is filed the owner has 30 or 31 months to file national applications in one or more of the 148 countries of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). According to PCTxs, on average, the national phase is only entered in four countries, with the result that the invention falls into the public domain in all others. 

PCTxs is a global forum for posting International Patent Applications and is designed for selling or licensing those potential National Phase patent application rights that the owner of an International Application would otherwise abandon or not pursue. 

The service is sponsored by Canadian law firm Kerr and Nadeau. Presently it’s free to post applications and it’s stated that it will always be free to the university and not-for-profit sectors. 

If you have an International Patent Application that you are not intending to nationalise, perhaps through lack of funding, or are only intending to nationalise in a few countries, PCTxs could give your invention global exposure and may be worth considering. 

However, there are pros and cons to making potential National Phase patent applications available for sale or licence and we suggest seeking Watermark’s advice before pursuing. 

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Author: Grant Jacobsen - Patent Attorney


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