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During Privacy Awareness Week we reported on the latest privacy developments and how these affect you and your organisation. A must read to ensure you protect sensitive information in the coming year.

The Internet of Things: Smart objects, not-so-smart users?

In an age of IoT, your objects may be smart, but how smart are you when it comes to legal implications?

Catch of the delay – time may be running out to hide data breaches

Under the Privacy Act, organisations with an annual turnover above $3m are required to minimise the likelihood that personal information in their possession is compromised.

Parking app perils show value of privacy impact assessments

Before introducing a new product or service to the market which involves the handling of personal information, consider undertaking a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

A case of taken identity

How can privacy laws protect against identity theft? With ever-growing databases of personal information being collected, it has never been easier for wrong-doers to gain access to pre-existing identities en masse.

Data breach response plans: a life hack for IT attacks

Organisations need to consider investing resources to manage and minimise cyber attacks.


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