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It is rumoured that Singtel-Optus is going to launch a massive marketing campaign to change its brand to “YES”. A bid to obtain customers, this move will promote the telco’s new entertainment services. 

Marketing of YES

Over the past year Singtel-Optus has been marketing the use of the word “YES” in combination with other words - such as “Yes TV”, “Yes Crowd”, “WiFi Talk Yes”, and more recently, the word “YES” alone in relation to its services. Further, Singel-Optus has recently filed trade mark applications in Australia for the marks YES TV, YES CROWD and YES for a broad range of goods and services.
Singtel-Optus is aiming to gain market strength in response to Telstra’s continuing growth and the rise of competitors TPG Telecom and Vodafone Hutchinson Australia. It has been suggested that the move is motivated by positive brand testing of the word “YES” and “YES TV” appears to be the new media platform to be used by the company.

Just saying Yes may not be enough

Re-branding in this way will be costly for Singtel-Optus, and its success will depend partly on trade mark considerations and the marketing activities of other companies. There are a number of companies currently using the word “YES” in their marketing and advertising. If Singtel-Optus wishes to avoid potentially infringing the trade marks of third parties they would be wise to carry out trade mark searches prior to using and or filing their new trade marks. “Full availability” trade mark searches include searches of the Trade Marks Register, as well as searches of the marketplace.

The importance of trade mark searches

Organisations should conduct trade mark searches prior to using or seeking to register their trade marks. This can minimise the risk of infringement and contravening state and territory consumer and competition legislation, as well as reducing hefty re-brand costs. 


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Author: Lucy Meadley


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