It’s no longer enough to have a simple logo and brand name to differentiate yourself in the consumer goods space.

In the face of the threat from copycats in low cost manufacturing economies – particularly China – companies must find new ways to distinguish their goods.

Many companies are recognising the need for consumer goods to be wrapped in a customer experience that is harder to recreate than the product itself.

It also demands a creative approach to protecting this, which is often possible through IP.

The services we provide in relation to consumer goods include:

  • Clearance searches for trade marks
  • Freedom to operate advice
  • Patent protection (filing and prosecution)
  • Trade mark protection (filing and prosecution)
  • Registered design protection
  • Regulatory approvals including packaging, labelling, safety, recalls
  • Licensing agreements
  • Manufacturing, supply and distribution agreements
  • Advertising and marketing clearances
  • Copyright advice and disputes
  • Australian Consumer Law advice and disputes
  • Australian Consumer and Competition Commission advice and disputes
  • Anti-counterfeiting campaigns including border protection and customs seizures for “fake” or infringing products
  • Contractual disputes
  • Online sales including website terms and conditions