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With increased access to global marketplaces, brand and businesses must find new ways to distinguish and protect their products from competitors.

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It’s no longer enough to have a simple logo and brand name to differentiate yourself in the consumer products and services space. Businesses now must find new ways to distinguish their goods from global competitors.

Many companies are recognising the need for consumer goods to be wrapped in a customer experience that is harder to recreate than the product itself.

It also demands a creative approach to protecting this, which is often possible through IP.

How Griffith Hack can help you

Griffith Hack can provide support across a broad range of consumer products, from fashion and textiles, food and beverage to electronics and entertainment. The services we provide in relation to consumer goods include:

  • Clearance searches for trade marks
  • Freedom to operate advice
  • Patent protection (filing and prosecution)
  • Trade mark protection (filing and prosecution)
  • Registered design protection
  • Regulatory approvals including packaging, labelling, safety, recalls
  • Licensing agreements
  • Manufacturing, supply and distribution agreements
  • Advertising and marketing clearances
  • Copyright advice and disputes
  • Australian Consumer Law advice and disputes
  • Australian Consumer and Competition Commission advice and disputes
  • Anti-counterfeiting campaigns including border protection and customs seizures for “fake” or infringing products
  • Contractual disputes
  • Online sales including website terms and conditions