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With the continued emergence of digital disruption and presence of cyber security threats in the financial services sector, your technology and innovations are worth protecting.

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We are seeing rapid changes in the financial services, a sector defined, at least in Australia, by the dominance of large institutional banks.

The emergence of digital disruption in the traditional strongholds of established players is challenging the status quo.

As major banks have realised, innovation is critical to their ongoing success in this new world.

However, innovation isn’t enough on its own. Intellectual property is necessary to ensure that the value of investment in innovation is realised by its creators.

Knowing the IP landscape enables market participants to identify emerging threats and opportunities, and then use those insights to develop value maximisation strategies for technology and IP.

Beyond technology, brands function as differentiators in the mature financial services market.

Brand strength will be tested in the times ahead. Rich in data, major players have the opportunity to move beyond metrics-based dashboards into value-based decision making.