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Australia is home to world-leading researchers, programs and facilities. We partner with government, universities and research institutions to drive growth and maximise impact.

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The challenges associated with funding and commercialisation are driving many universities to avoid commercialising their own discoveries.

Many look to engage with industry or business sectors to implement the outcomes of their research.

Government also has an important role in fostering research and innovation and all these factors can generate issues in licensing, contracts and IP ownership. 

How Griffith Hack can help you

The services we provide to government, universities and research institutions include:

  • Patent prosecution
  • IP analytics to inform IP investment decisions and manage infringement risk
  • Patent portfolio management
  • IP enforcement and litigation
  • Freedom to operate advice for new technologies
  • Commercialisation support including legal advice in respect of licensing and transfer of IP
  • IP valuation to understand and communicate value to prospective investors
  • Grant application support