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For all life science and health care organisations, the effective protection, management and enforcement of IP is essential to achieve long term success in a competitive marketplace.

Australia’s life sciences and health care sector has a strong reputation on the global stage, underpinned by world-class medical research programs, leading educational and research institutions, and a storied history of developing Nobel Prize-winning innovations and high tech solutions that have been adopted the world over.

Innovators in this space have access to leading talent, resources, favourable government incentives and the ability to obtain strong intellectual property protection. This means that competition is fierce and the race to innovate is constant.

Having a strategy for intellectual property in place from day one is essential for all life sciences and health care organisations to establish ownership and maximise return on this substantial investment.

How Griffith Hack can help you

Griffith Hack has extensive experience working within the life sciences and health care sector, partnering with clients at all stages of maturity to help grow, protect and build their IP.

Our attorneys have technical qualifications across a broad range of associated fields – many with post-doctoral research or industry experience. They understand your highly technical subject matter, which leads to the drafting of high quality patents and a seamless client experience.

Our technical expertise includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, chemistry (organic, inorganic and physical), biochemistry, polymers, cosmetics and food technology. We also have deep experience in the agribusiness sector, including in plant biology, chemicals and plant breeders’ rights.

We provide comprehensive services to protect and defend your innovations and to maximise the value of your IP investment. Our patents attorneys work closely with our lawyers to ensure that we cover off all your needs.

We take pride in the extremely high standard of our professional service and fully understand the commercial imperatives under which our clients operate.