With an ever-expanding population, plant and agricultural innovation is vital to increase productivity and secure the global food supply.


Rising population and food shortages across Asia are resulting in greater demand for Australia’s clean, safe and sustainable produce. 

This demand presents opportunity for innovation across our agricultural supply chain from food storage to water management systems and genetically modified food.

As Australia transforms from primary producers to high volume global food processors, protecting the intellectual property behind the innovation is vital for the long-term success of Australia’s agricultural industry.

The agricultural and food industries have a strong history in innovation including, improving productivity, developing new methods and products, environmentally sustainable solutions and biosecurity. Strong reliance on IP rights both locally and internationally is essential. 

How Griffith Hack can help you

Our experts have specific expertise protecting innovation in the following areas:

  • Functional foods, nutraceuticals, probiotics and prebiotics
  • Dairy processing, including fractionation and extraction, whey and milk protein concentrates, lactoferrin and natural milk minerals, and production of products such as infant formula, formulated meal replacements, and reduced fat cheeses
  • Dietary supplements, including dairy-derived nutritional supplements, microbially produced oils, and plant and herbal extracts
  • New food products and compositions, including beverages such as wine, and new methods for production
  • Sugar and carbohydrate chemistry, including sugar substitutes and high intensity sweeteners
  • Food chemistry, including molecular composition and chemical reactions of food, nutrient fortification and bioavailability
  • Plant and agricultural biotechnology, including plant breeding and transgenic plants
  • Agrichemistry, including pesticides, herbicides and plant growth stimulants
  • Formulation chemistry for effective chemical delivery to plants, soil and animals
  • Animal feeds and nutrition
  • Extraction systems, including industrial and nanoscale separation techniques
  • Industrial food manufacturing equipment, processes and instrumentation, including infra-red drying of coffee and breakfast cereal processing