Biotech innovation worth protecting


Australia has earned a strong reputation on the world stage for biotechnology innovation through excellent research facilities, a flexible regulatory system, and a number of recent research breakthroughs from cancer therapies to stem cell technology.

Competitive R&D tax incentives are encouraging overseas-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to establish subsidiaries in Australia to conduct their R&D and clinical trials to access these funds. While the pay-offs for successful biotechnology innovation are evident, they come at a cost.

The road from research to commercialisation is long and expensive. To reap the rewards from this investment, companies need to understand what they can protect, where to protect it and a plan of attack once their IP approaches the end of its term.

How Griffith Hack can help

Our attorneys hold qualifications in fields such as chemistry, physics, biotechnology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and materials engineering.

They assist leading research institutes and universities protect their IP, including:

  • Providing opinions on patentability
  • Drafting, filing and prosecuting patents
  • Providing strategic advice on development, management, enforcement and defence of patent portfolios
  • Providing advice on freedom-to-operate and infringement
  • Due diligence and IP audits
  • Strategic and technical management of patent oppositions
  • Advising on patent licensing and other commercialisation issues
  • Watching services
  • Enforcing and defending patents