Medical devices

The cross-discipline nature of many diagnostic inventions requires a highly experienced multidisciplinary IP team to provide protection and enforcement.

Increasing success for Australian inventions in medical technology is leading to more and more activity.

Investment funds have been more available in this industry and governments are encouraging many businesses and individuals with a wide range of incentives.

It’s an area in which some of the most promising inventions come from small start-ups, so it’s little wonder Australia is punching above its weight.

But it’s also an area of fierce competition and complex technology, so well formulated IP protection and strategy is essential.

How Griffith Hack can help you

We have considerable expertise in protecting and defending a broad range of medical devices including but not limited to:

  • Haematology and body fluid collection technologies and analysers
  • Dialysis equipment
  • Minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) including stopped and beating heart procedures, laparoscopic procedures, thoracoscopic procedures, arthroscopic procedures, spinal  procedures, tumor treatments, urological procedures, contraception and electrosurgical procedures
  • Surgical instruments, lasers and monitors
  • X-ray equipment and radio-imaging apparatus
  • In vitro diagnostic technologies and baby incubators
  • Interventional cardiology including angioplasty, stents and grafts, intravascular drug delivery, cardiac valve repair, cardiac mapping and ablation and implants such as pacemakers
  • Ocular implants
  • Prosthetics including prosthetic materials for arteries
  • Respiratory and sleep technologies
  • Otological ventilation technologies
  • Patient monitoring technologies including life systems, anaesthetic delivery and blood pressure technologies
  • eHealth, patient and hospital database systems, expert diagnostic systems and remote diagnostic systems