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Synchronise your IP and Business Strategy - A Case Study

Presentation date: 1 December 2020


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The Modern Manufacturing (IP) Strategy 

Presentation date: 25 November 2020 



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Zero to IP Hero, an innovator's perspective

Presentation date: 16 September 2020


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What is IP - how do you protect it and why it is important?

Presentation date: 10 September 2020


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Improving collaboration between Universities, Research Institutes, Start-ups and SMEs

Presentation date: 23 July 2020


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IP Forum - Australia and New Zealand Trade Mark Update

Presentation date: 16 July 2020


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Patents IP strategy and protecting cash flow during COVID-19

Presentation date: 4 June 2020


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Protecting your cash and IP strategy during COVID-19 - Designs & Trade Marks

Presentation date: 21 May 2020


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Looking beyond the horizon - How intellectual property law interacts with space law

Presentation date: 4 May 2020


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Digital Platforms - Hells Angels, Pikachu and the ACCC

Presentation date: 22 April 2020


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Guide to extension of time for patents

Presentation date: 16 April 2020


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Corporate Groups - Trade Mark Control & Ownership

Presentation date: 24 March 2020