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News Feb 15, 2024

Griffith Hack Law and Trade Marks team continue to shine in WTR 1000 for 2024

Our firm continues its top Gold ranking for trade mark prosecution and strategy and Bronze for enforcement and litigation in the WTR 1000 for 2024.

Publications Jul 20, 2023

IP Australia reviewing three key areas of designs law: How you can contribute to reforms

IP Australia is a holding a public consultation process on potential designs law changes, as part of an ongoing effort to modernise Australia’s design rights system and enhance design protection.

Publications Jul 13, 2023

Generative AI and its impact on the IP system

Griffith Hack managing director Aaron LePoidevin takes a look into the challenges, opportunities and potential overall impact of generative AI technology on the IP system.

Publications Jul 10, 2023

Design rights in Australia: What are they and what can I protect?

Dr Radhika Moore provides an up-to-date overview on designs rights in Australia and the protection available to product designers.

Publications Mar 15, 2023

Grace periods in Australia: designs vs patents

The introduction of a 12-month grace period to the Designs Act in Australia provides an important safe-guard for designers – but how does it differ to the grace period that governs patents?

News Feb 10, 2023

Griffith Hack Law and Trade Marks team shine again in WTR 1000 for 2023

Griffith Hack has been ranked in the Silver category for Trade Mark Prosecution and in Bronze for Enforcement and Litigation in the WTR 1000 rankings.

technology products
Publications Nov 01, 2022

Making your mark: Protect your product with patent marking 

We explore the concept of patent marking, the real meaning of patent pending, and when you as an inventor or product owner should mark your product.

Publications Apr 08, 2022

AI and Digital Capability Centre Grants: What you need to know before applying

Applications are now open for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Capability Centre Grants of up to $11 million. Here’s what you need to know before applying.

advanced manufacturing
Publications Mar 30, 2022

Federal Budget 2022: What’s in it to accelerate Australia’s innovation agenda?

We discuss the key measures in Australia’s 2022-23 federal budget that could help drive innovation, research commercialisation and business growth.

Publications Mar 18, 2022

Changes to Australian Registered Designs: what you need to know

Changes to Australia’s Designs Act 2003 came into effect in early March 2022 – so what do designers need to be aware of?

News Mar 04, 2022

Griffith Hack recognised in WTR 1000 rankings for 2022

Griffith Hack has been ranked in the Silver category for Trade Mark Prosecution and in Bronze for Enforcement and Litigation in the WTR 1000 rankings.

News Mar 03, 2022

Griffith Hack to take the stage at Melbourne Design Week 2022

Griffith Hack will be hosting two online events as part of Melbourne Design Week 2022.

Publications Oct 07, 2021

Design law reform: Australia agrees in principle to join Hague Agreement on Industrial Designs

Australia has agreed to join the Hague Agreement on Industrial Designs, so what does this mean for Australian designers.

fashion design
Publications Sep 10, 2021

It’s happening: Designs law changes to take effect in Australia

The Designs Amendment Bill 2020 has passed through Parliament ushering in a wave of reform in Australia.

Publications May 12, 2021

Australia’s Federal Budget 2021: Key takeaways and opportunities

Investment in tech, research and innovation highlights value of IP protection

fashion designers
Publications Nov 19, 2020

Designs: It’s all in the bag

Creative industries like design and fashion are built on intellectual property, so making informed decisions about IP early-on maximises commercial opportunities and helps drive a proactive strategy.