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Publications Jun 13, 2024

Insights into the current state of bioenergy in Australia

Dr Arun Nagasubramanian, Patent Attorney, shares insights from the Bioenergy state-of-play presentation organised by the Australian Institute of Energy.

News Jun 06, 2024

Griffith Hack team recognised in IAM Patent 1000 for 2024

Seven Griffith Hack principals have been recognised in the 2024 edition of the IAM Patent 1000 for their expertise in the area of patent law.

Resources & guides Jun 05, 2024

Reasons to file patents in Australia

What makes Australia such an advantageous location for filing patents?

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News May 30, 2024

Griffith Hack recognised in Best Law Firms 2025 edition

Griffith Hack is proud to announce that we have been recognised in the inaugural Best Law Firms – Australia 2025 edition for Intellectual Property Law, ranked by Best Lawyers.

Publications May 20, 2024

Federal Budget 2024: Key insights and takeaways

We discuss the key measures in Australia’s 2024-25 federal budget that could help drive innovation, research, commercialisation and business growth.

News Apr 24, 2024

Griffith Hack attending INTA 2024 in Atlanta

Griffith Hack will be attending INTA 2024 in Atlanta from 18-22 May.

News Apr 24, 2024

Griffith Hack team members named 2024 Rising Stars by Australasian Lawyer

Griffith Hack is proud to announce that Sara Pearson and Rachael Lopez have been named as Rising Stars for 2024 by Australasian Lawyer.

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News Apr 18, 2024

Kellie Stonier and Derek Baigent recognised in Best Lawyers 2025 guide

Griffith Hack is proud to announce that members of our Law team have been named in the Best Lawyers Australia guide for 2025.

Publications Feb 19, 2024

Converging tastes: when alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage similarities merge

In this article, Simon Gapes discusses a recent IP Australia Hearing Office decision confirming the similarity of alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages for trade mark comparison purposes.

News Feb 15, 2024

Griffith Hack Law and Trade Marks team continue to shine in WTR 1000 for 2024

Our firm continues its top Gold ranking for trade mark prosecution and strategy and Bronze for enforcement and litigation in the WTR 1000 for 2024.

Publications Jan 22, 2024

Grill’d vs KFC: Healthy fried chicken trade mark success

Leanne Oitmaa from our Law & Trade Marks team reviews the decision in KFC THC V Ltd v Grill’d IP Pty Ltd [2023] ATMO 192.

Publications Jan 12, 2024

Duncan v Australian Broadcasting Corporation: A case of multiple discoveries in the harbour

Leanne Oitmaa and Sara Pearson review the decision in Duncan v Australian Broadcasting Corporation [2023] FedCFamC2G 993, which provides an example of two people independently coming up with a similar idea and how copyright from that idea can play out.

Publications Dec 19, 2023

Cantarella Bros v Lavazza Australia: Trade mark battle brews in Federal Court

Our Law & Trade Mark team review the recent Federal Court decision in Cantarella Bros v Lavazza Australia.

Publications Dec 14, 2023

Geographical indications of origin: Commercial consequences of location

Emma Mitchell and Sara Pearson explain what GIs are, how they’re treated in Australia, and the broader commercial and political implications.

Kellie Stonier
News Nov 14, 2023

Kellie Stonier named to Australasian Lawyer’s Elite Women 2023 list

Kellie Stonier, practice group leader of Griffith Hack’s Law & Trade Marks team, has been named to Australasian Lawyer’s Elite Women list for 2023.

Publications Nov 08, 2023

Firstmac v Zip Co (No 2): A timely caution in the drafting of Calderbank offers in IP proceedings

We review the recent decision in Firstmac v Zip Co (No 2), which offers timely guidance to solicitors preparing Calderbank offers in proceedings before the Federal Court of Australia.

News Oct 27, 2023

Griffith Hack to attend the APAA 20th General Assembly in Singapore

Greg Munt, Gavin Adkins, Jessica Lee, Dr Simone Shu-Yen Lee and Dr Jenny Park will represent Griffith Hack at the 20th General Assembly of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association in Singapore.

Publications Oct 09, 2023

Navigating trade marks in a virtual world: IP Australia issues new guidance

IP Australia’s new guidance on classifying trade marks for a range of emerging technologies provides an important call-to-action for brand & product owners. Shannon Fati breaks down the changes.

News Oct 05, 2023

Griffith Hack team members named 2023 Rising Stars by Managing IP

Griffith Hack’s Jack Collings, Sarah Cox and Dr Simone Shu-Yen Lee have been named as Rising Stars for 2023 by Managing IP.

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Publications Sep 25, 2023

Seeking invalidity of a patent through revocation: can it be done following opposition & appeal?

In a recent dispute, the Federal Court looked at whether a party can seek invalidity of a patent through revocation if it has already done so on opposition and appeal.

IPO Conference
Publications Sep 21, 2023

Collaboration, connectivity & magic: Insights from the 2023 IPO Annual Meeting

Aaron LePoidevin and Georgina Higinbotham provide their insights and key takeaways from the 2023 IPO Annual Meeting in Boston.

Publications Sep 13, 2023

Applicants beware: Amendments to trade mark specifications during litigation are not guaranteed

A recent trade mark dispute between Energy Beverages LLC and Kangaroo Mother Australia Pty Ltd provides useful guidance to applicants seeking to amend a trade mark application during the course of litigation.

Publications Jul 13, 2023

Generative AI and its impact on the IP system

Griffith Hack managing director Aaron LePoidevin takes a look into the challenges, opportunities and potential overall impact of generative AI technology on the IP system.

Publications Jun 30, 2023

Australian Government again denied $325m damages claim in clopidogrel injunction dispute

The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has dismissed the Commonwealth’s appeal against a 2020 decision to deny it $325m in damages in a dispute relating to the antiplatelet drug clopidogrel.

News May 01, 2023

Griffith Hack attending INTA 2023 in Singapore

Griffith Hack will be attending INTA 2023 in Singapore from 16-20 May.

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News Apr 20, 2023

Derek Baigent and Kellie Stonier recognised in Best Lawyers 2024 guide

Griffith Hack is proud to announce that three members of our Law team have been named in the Best Lawyers Australia guide for 2023.

News Apr 12, 2023

Rachael Lopez named finalist in Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30

Griffith Hack’s Rachael Lopez has been named a finalist in the 2023 Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 awards.

Insights Mar 27, 2023

New Zealand honey producers back down in Mānuka trade mark dispute

Shannon Fati looks at the long-running battle between New Zealand and Australian honey producers over the use of the term Mānuka.

News Feb 10, 2023

Griffith Hack Law and Trade Marks team shine again in WTR 1000 for 2023

Griffith Hack has been ranked in the Silver category for Trade Mark Prosecution and in Bronze for Enforcement and Litigation in the WTR 1000 rankings.

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Publications Dec 21, 2022

Overseas Trade Mark Update – December 2022

Nicola Scheepers and Jacqueline Simpkin address new developments for attorneys registering trade marks in the United States and the United Kingdom.

News Dec 16, 2022

Griffith Hack, Derek Baigent recognised in Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide 2023

Griffith Hack has been recognised in the Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide 2023, receiving both firm and individual rankings for Intellectual Property.

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Publications Nov 18, 2022

Full Court correct in deciding that only humans can invent

High Court confirms that an artificial intelligence system can not be named as an inventor of a patent.

News Nov 11, 2022

Griffith Hack’s Edith Hamilton joins speaker line-up at IPBC Australasia 2022

Griffith Hack will have a strong presence at IPBC Australasia 2022 with special counsel Edith Hamilton joining the event’s line-up of speakers.

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Publications Nov 08, 2022

New unfair contract term laws in Australia introduce large financial penalties

Significant changes to the unfair contract term provisions in the Australian Consumer Law, including potential financial penalties, will soon apply.

Publications Sep 09, 2022

The show must not go on: copyright infringement halts unauthorised production of Hamilton

The halting of an unauthorised production of the hit musical Hamilton by a Texas-based church has highlighted the risks involved in copyright infringement – as well the infringement of moral rights.

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Publications Sep 02, 2022

Don’t lose your IP rights through company deregistration

Gavin Adkins and Emma Mitchell explain why it is so important to transfer the ownership of a company’s IP rights before deregistration.

Publications Aug 30, 2022

Major changes to unfair contract term laws in Australia are still in play

Draft legislation to strengthen the existing unfair contract term protections in the Australian Consumer Law was recently released.

Publications Aug 18, 2022

Soft decision on computer-implemented inventions

Dr Simone Shu-Yen Lee and Tom Hamilton-Gilligan provide early insights into the High Court’s decision of Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Limited v Commissioner of Patents [2020] FCA 778 (5 June 2020).

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News Apr 28, 2022

Griffith Hack lawyers named in Best Lawyers Australia 2023 guide

Griffith Hack is proud to announce that three members of our Law team have been named in the Best Lawyers Australia guide for 2023.

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News Apr 19, 2022

Griffith Hack attending INTA 2022 in Washington D.C.

Griffith Hack will be attending INTA 2022 in Washington D.C from 30 April – 4 May.

Publications Apr 13, 2022

Reversal of fortune – Full Court decides that an artificial intelligence is not an “inventor”

Anthony Selleck reviews the decision in Commissioner of Patents v Thaler [2022] FCAFC 62 which reverses an earlier ruling that artificial intelligence can be an “inventor” for the purposes of the Australian Patents Act 1990.

Publications Apr 06, 2022

Changes to how influencers can promote therapeutic goods in Australia

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has set out new guidelines that govern how influencers can promote products on social media in return for payment or free products or services from brands.

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Publications Mar 30, 2022

Federal Budget 2022: What’s in it to accelerate Australia’s innovation agenda?

We discuss the key measures in Australia’s 2022-23 federal budget that could help drive innovation, research commercialisation and business growth.

Publications Mar 24, 2022

The mother of all trade mark fights: Energy Beverages knocked out of the coffee arena

A series of trade marks disputes over coffee products provides important learnings for businesses looking to register trade marks for consumer goods and services.

Publications Mar 23, 2022

.au domain name extension launches: what you need to know

From 24 March 2022 it will be possible to register domain names with .au as the extension.

News Mar 04, 2022

Griffith Hack recognised in WTR 1000 rankings for 2022

Griffith Hack has been ranked in the Silver category for Trade Mark Prosecution and in Bronze for Enforcement and Litigation in the WTR 1000 rankings.

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Publications Mar 04, 2022

Saving grace: Options if you disclose your invention without a patent application 

Publicly disclosing new technology before a patent application has been filed can jeopardise patent coverage – but there are options available to you in the event of disclosure.

Publications Mar 02, 2022

Virus filtration patent gets clean bill of health

In a recent decision of the Australian Patent Office, a patent application directed to a membrane for filtering biological products was upheld following opposition.

Publications Feb 10, 2022

Awkward first dates:
How is patent term extension calculated when a patent covers more than one pharmaceutical substance with regulatory approval?

Bayer Pharma Aktiengesellschaft [2022] APO

Publications Nov 19, 2021

Your Australian patent application has been opposed – what next?

Australia’s pre‑grant opposition proceedings are playing a more significant role in the strategies of patentees and challengers. So what should a patent owner do when faced with an opposition in Australia?

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Publications Oct 15, 2021

Innovation patents: options for challenging problematic cases

What are your options if you identify an innovation patent that affects your freedom to operate?

Publications Aug 26, 2021

Patent drafting conventions fall foul of Australian Courts

In a recent opposition appeal decision of the Federal Court of Australia, an Australian patent application by Nalco Company was found invalid for lack of support and lack of clear enough and complete enough disclosure.

Publications Aug 18, 2021

Expert evidence keeps RAFT buoyant in strawman patent opposition

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) v Cytec Industries Inc. [2021] APO 27

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Publications Aug 05, 2021

A comeback for Australian patent oppositions

With Australia’s innovation patent system set to end later this month, pre-grant opposition proceedings will likely play a significant role in the strategies of challengers.

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Publications Jul 02, 2021

Guidance on patenting diagnostics in Australia: Ariosa Diagnostics v Sequenom

Federal Court confirms that a non-invasive diagnostic test for prenatal conditions is patentable subject matter in Australia.

Publications Jun 04, 2021

The fine line between IP licence agreements and franchise agreements

Freedom Foods Pty Ltd v Blue Diamond Growers offers important lessons and guidance for all drafters of IP licence agreements.

Publications Apr 22, 2021

UPDATE: Confidentiality notices at the end of emails are not (completely) pointless

Nearly three years ago, we reported on a decision of the Australian Designs Office that suggested that the automatically generated ‘Confidentiality Notice’ in the footer to your email may not always be effective.

Publications Feb 19, 2021

The rise of trade secret protections internationally and what it might mean for Australia

There have been several significant developments internationally in trade secret protections in recent years that have arguably increased the risks of misappropriation of trade secrets.

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Publications Dec 21, 2020

Wine export label directory a win for Australian wine brand owners

A new wine export label directory to help Australian wine producers protect their intellectual property rights is expected to commence in April 2021.

Publications Sep 02, 2020

Certification Trade Marks: the buzz and battle over ‘Mānuka’ honey

Given the increasing popularity, demand and associated price tag of Mānuka honey, it is unsurprising that New Zealand’s Mānuka honey industry is fiercely protective of the commodity.

Publications Aug 11, 2020

Special tweetment: Who owns the IP for social media content?

Social media content creators rarely consider the rights they maintain over uploaded content – we take a look at what they need to know.

Publications Apr 29, 2020

Sanofi avoid $325M damages claim by Australia’s Commonwealth Government

In a significant decision for the pharmaceutical industry, Justice Nicholas dismissed the Commonwealth of Australia’s compensation claim from Sanofi.

News Apr 14, 2020

Kellie Stonier named among leading IP Lawyers in Queensland

Kellie Stonier has been recognised as a leading lawyer for the 4th consecutive year by Doyle’s Guide 2020.

News Apr 06, 2020

Griffith Hack recognised in Doyle’s Guide 2020

Griffith Hack has been recognised by Doyle’s Guide 2020 in both firm and individual categories, with Derek Baigent and Kellie Stonier honoured.

News Feb 20, 2020

Griffith Hack recognised in World Trademark Review’s 1000 Guide

Griffith Hack has been recognised in World Trademark Review’s 1000 guide for trade mark prosecution and strategy.

News Feb 07, 2020

Griffith Hack announces the elevation of two team members to principal

Griffith Hack is thrilled to formally announce the elevation of Gavin Adkins and Robyn Heard to principal.

News Jan 29, 2020

Griffith Hack ranked in Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2020 Guide

The recently released Legal 500 Asia Pacific Guide for 2020 reconfirms Griffith Hack’s position as Australia’s highest ranked specialist IP firm.

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Publications Jan 21, 2020

Dior and the protection of Indigenous Knowledge in Australia’s IP system

We discuss some of the issues surrounding interactions between Indigenous Knowledge and Intellectual Property systems.

Publications Oct 02, 2018

Sponsorship deals: Risks and rewards

When things go well, sponsorships and endorsements can be mutually beneficial, and the names go hand-in-hand. But it’s not all smooth sailing, as associating your brand with a celebrity, organisation or event can be a risky affair.