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News Feb 15, 2024

Griffith Hack Law and Trade Marks team continue to shine in WTR 1000 for 2024

Our firm continues its top Gold ranking for trade mark prosecution and strategy and Bronze for enforcement and litigation in the WTR 1000 for 2024.

Publications Feb 22, 2024

Australian Innovation Patents: Gone, but not forgotten

Amanda Stark and Dr Tim Fyfe discuss that innovation patents are still a useful tool for Australian patentees and can provide patent protection for subject matter that does not meet the threshold of patentability required for a standard patent.

radhika moore griffith hack
News Feb 08, 2024

Our newest Patent Attorney – Dr Radhika Moore

Griffith Hack is proud to announce that Dr Radhika Moore has become a registered Patent Attorney.

Curtinnovation Awards
News Nov 03, 2023

Green hydrogen innovation awarded Griffith Hack prize at Curtinnovation Awards

A new and cost-effective way to extract green hydrogen from untreated water has been named the winner of the Griffith Hack Overall Prize at Curtin University’s 2023 Curtinnovation Awards.

News Oct 27, 2023

Griffith Hack to attend the APAA 20th General Assembly in Singapore

Greg Munt, Gavin Adkins, Jessica Lee, Dr Simone Shu-Yen Lee and Dr Jenny Park will represent Griffith Hack at the 20th General Assembly of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association in Singapore.

ipo conference
Publications Oct 16, 2023

AI, Intangibles & Education: Insights from IPBC Australasia 2023

Sarah Cox, Karen Sinclair and Kerry Dick provide a snapshot of some of the key topics discussed during IPBC Australasia 2023.

Publications Oct 11, 2023

Insights from the 21st FICPI Open Forum: SEP and FRAND negotiations, Unified Patent Court & more

Christian Schieber recently attended the 21st FICPI Open Forum in London, joining over 400 colleagues from the international IP attorney community.

News Oct 05, 2023

Griffith Hack team members named 2023 Rising Stars by Managing IP

Griffith Hack’s Jack Collings, Sarah Cox and Dr Simone Shu-Yen Lee have been named as Rising Stars for 2023 by Managing IP.

Edith Hamilton Griffith Hack
News Oct 03, 2023

Edith Hamilton named leading IP strategist in 2023 edition of IAM Strategy 300

Principal David Hughes has received recognition as one of the World’s Leading IP Strategists in this year’s IAM 300.

Publications Sep 26, 2023

Podcast: A quantum computer in your pocket?

Dr Simone Shu-Yen Lee joined the From Idea to Intellectual Property podcast to discuss all things quantum computing with host Lisa Leong.

IPO Conference
Publications Sep 21, 2023

Collaboration, connectivity & magic: Insights from the 2023 IPO Annual Meeting

Aaron LePoidevin and Georgina Higinbotham provide their insights and key takeaways from the 2023 IPO Annual Meeting in Boston.

News Aug 29, 2023

Griffith Hack attending conferences across the globe this September & October

Griffith Hack will be represented at several global intellectual property and industry conferences this September and October.

Publications Jul 13, 2023

Generative AI and its impact on the IP system

Griffith Hack managing director Aaron LePoidevin takes a look into the challenges, opportunities and potential overall impact of generative AI technology on the IP system.

News Jul 05, 2023

Congratulations to our new registered patent & trade marks attorneys

In the first half of 2023, three Griffith Hack trainees have registered as patent & trade marks attorneys in Australia and New Zealand.

Publications Jun 30, 2023

Australian Government again denied $325m damages claim in clopidogrel injunction dispute

The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has dismissed the Commonwealth’s appeal against a 2020 decision to deny it $325m in damages in a dispute relating to the antiplatelet drug clopidogrel.

News Jun 29, 2023

Griffith Hack announces four promotions, including two principal elevations

Griffith Hack is proud to announce the promotion of four team members, including the elevation of Dr James-Robert Cram and Kerry Dick to principal

News Jun 27, 2023

Griffith Hack team recognised in IAM Patent 1000 for 2023

Seven Griffith Hack principals have been recognised in the 2023 edition of the IAM Patent 1000 for their expertise in the area of patent law.

IP Stars
News May 24, 2023

Griffith Hack team recognised in IP Stars 2023

Griffith Hack principals Amanda Stark, Nicola Scheepers, Janelle Borham and Karen Sinclair have been recognised in the IP STARS rankings for 2023.

Publications May 19, 2023

Quantum computing: start-up or up-start? Part 2

We chart some of the patent filings in quantum computing and then take a further look at the potential applications for quantum computing technologies.

News May 16, 2023

Griffith Hack attending BIO 2023 in Boston

Griffith Hack will be attending BIO 2023 in Boston from 5-8 June.

Resources & guides May 15, 2023

Griffith Hack authors Patents 2023 in Lexology’s Getting the Deal Through

Amanda Stark and Gavin Adkins have authored the Australian and New Zealand chapters of Patents 2023 in Lexology’s Getting the Deal Through.

Publications May 03, 2023

Inventorship in the age of generative AI: What is the path forward?

Patent systems globally are grappling with the emergence of generative AI technology like ChatGPT. Is it time for international cooperation to establish common guidelines for AI-assisted inventions?

Team consulting
Publications Apr 05, 2023

New divisional patent application management process at the Australian Patent Office

We explain the new divisional application process proposed by the Australian Patent Office.

research team
Publications Mar 30, 2023

When additional data provides additional headaches

What happens with further data generated after the 12-month priority period and after filing the PCT application?

Publications Mar 29, 2023

Sowing the seeds of renewals: recap of the Nufarm v Advanta Federal Court decision

Sarah Cox reviews the Federal Court’s decision in Nufarm Australia v Advanta Seeds to allow an extension of time for payment of a patent renewal fee.

Publications Mar 29, 2023

Quantum computing: start-up or up-start? Part 1

In this series Dr Simone Shu-Yen Lee discusses the vast potential of quantum computing and looks at how Australia is responding to this evolving industry.

Publications Mar 06, 2023

Why “ITS” is a good idea to save time and money in the patent process

Robert Wulff and Dr Radhika Moore provide insight on performing International Type Search on Australian provisional applications.

Publications Mar 02, 2023

Crown Melbourne gambles on patentability of Roulette game

Robert Wulff and Dr Radhika Moore provide their observations on the recent Crown Melbourne decision by a Delegate of the Australian Patent Office.

Publications Feb 22, 2023

They’re here! The Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court arrive in Europe.

Amanda Stark, Toby Thompson and Craig Don Paul provide an overview of the UP and UPC system updates in Europe.

News Feb 10, 2023

Griffith Hack will be attending AUTM’s 2023 Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas

Griffith Hack is proud to sponsor the 2022 edition of the Fragment-Based Drug Discovery Down Under Conference.

Publications Dec 19, 2022

Early national phase entry & expedited examination requests: What’s possible in Australia?

Robyn Heard and Dr Sophie Rankenburg provide answers to commonly asked questions about early national phase entry in Australia, and the options available for expedited examination requests.

extension of time linkedin
Publications Dec 19, 2022

Extension of time: Australian law requirements and practice tips

Malcolm Lyons and Craig Don Paul discuss Australia’s Extension of Time rules, which can remedy an error or omission by a patent applicant or their agent.

binary code
Publications Nov 18, 2022

Full Court correct in deciding that only humans can invent

High Court confirms that an artificial intelligence system can not be named as an inventor of a patent.

News Nov 11, 2022

Griffith Hack’s Edith Hamilton joins speaker line-up at IPBC Australasia 2022

Griffith Hack will have a strong presence at IPBC Australasia 2022 with special counsel Edith Hamilton joining the event’s line-up of speakers.

Publications Nov 09, 2022

Are you patent ready? IP guidance for life sciences researchers

Whether you are an academic or industry-based researcher, the question is the same: when is the right time to file a patent application?

technology products
Publications Nov 01, 2022

Making your mark: Protect your product with patent marking 

We explore the concept of patent marking, the real meaning of patent pending, and when you as an inventor or product owner should mark your product.

News Sep 26, 2022

Griffith Hack sponsors Fragment-Based Drug Discovery Down Under Conference 2022

Griffith Hack is proud to sponsor the 2022 edition of the Fragment-Based Drug Discovery Down Under Conference.

Publications Aug 18, 2022

Soft decision on computer-implemented inventions

Dr Simone Shu-Yen Lee and Tom Hamilton-Gilligan provide early insights into the High Court’s decision of Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Limited v Commissioner of Patents [2020] FCA 778 (5 June 2020).

Insights Aug 10, 2022

Karen Sinclair talks synthetic biology on the From Idea to Intellectual Property podcast

Karen Sinclair joins host Lisa Leong on the From Idea to Intellectual Property podcast series to discuss the emerging trends and key issues in the area of synthetic biology.

car lights
Insights Jul 01, 2022

Griffith Hack announces the promotion of five team members

Griffith Hack is proud to announce the promotion of five members of our team, including the elevation of Jennifer Wyndham-Wheeler to principal.

Publications Jun 01, 2022

Spotlight Series: Regenerative Medicine – Part 2

Welcome to the second article of our Spotlight Series on one of the most exciting frontiers of scientific research and innovation, regenerative medicine.

News May 10, 2022

Amanda Stark, Janelle Borham named Patent Stars for 2022 by Managing IP

Griffith Hack principals Amanda Stark and Janelle Borham have been named as Patent Stars in the IP STARS 2022 rankings by Managing IP.

Publications Apr 13, 2022

Reversal of fortune – Full Court decides that an artificial intelligence is not an “inventor”

Anthony Selleck reviews the decision in Commissioner of Patents v Thaler [2022] FCAFC 62 which reverses an earlier ruling that artificial intelligence can be an “inventor” for the purposes of the Australian Patents Act 1990.

Publications Apr 08, 2022

AI and Digital Capability Centre Grants: What you need to know before applying

Applications are now open for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Capability Centre Grants of up to $11 million. Here’s what you need to know before applying.

advanced manufacturing
Publications Mar 30, 2022

Federal Budget 2022: What’s in it to accelerate Australia’s innovation agenda?

We discuss the key measures in Australia’s 2022-23 federal budget that could help drive innovation, research commercialisation and business growth.

Publications Mar 07, 2022

From idea to inception and beyond: Important learnings from female biotech founders

Female biotech founders took centre-stage at AusBiotech 2021 with the leaders of some of Australia’s most innovative start-ups coming together to discuss their experiences in the commercial scientific world.

research team
Publications Mar 04, 2022

Saving grace: Options if you disclose your invention without a patent application 

Publicly disclosing new technology before a patent application has been filed can jeopardise patent coverage – but there are options available to you in the event of disclosure.

Publications Mar 02, 2022

Virus filtration patent gets clean bill of health

In a recent decision of the Australian Patent Office, a patent application directed to a membrane for filtering biological products was upheld following opposition.

News Feb 18, 2022

Jacqui Thomas, Daniel Hsieh register as patent attorneys in Australia and New Zealand

Griffith Hack is pleased to announce that Jacqui Thomas and Daniel Hsieh are now registered patent attorneys in Australia and New Zealand.

Publications Feb 10, 2022

Awkward first dates:
How is patent term extension calculated when a patent covers more than one pharmaceutical substance with regulatory approval?

Bayer Pharma Aktiengesellschaft [2022] APO

Publications Jan 28, 2022

Extending the 12-month grace period for filing patent applications – what you need to know

Can the 12-month grace period for filing your patent application be extended? Yes, it can – but subject to the facts.

Ben Dziekan
News Dec 22, 2021

Ben Dziekan wins IPTA’s prestigious Edward Waters Prize for 2021

Melbourne-based patent attorney Ben Dziekan has been named co-winner of the Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia’s prestigious Edwards Waters Prize for 2021.

Publications Nov 19, 2021

Your Australian patent application has been opposed – what next?

Australia’s pre‑grant opposition proceedings are playing a more significant role in the strategies of patentees and challengers. So what should a patent owner do when faced with an opposition in Australia?

Publications Oct 27, 2021

Why are embryonic stem cells not able to be patented in Australia?

Despite not being specifically excluded under s18 of the Australian Patents Act, technology utilising embryonic stem cells is not able to be patented in Australia. Why is this so?

Publications Oct 22, 2021

Recent progress in psychedelic therapies

With increasing awareness of the prevalence of mental ill-health in society, we analyse promising psychedelic therapies that have not yet entered mainstream.

Publications Oct 20, 2021

Spotlight Series: Regenerative Medicine – Part 1

The first in a five-part series on one of the most exciting frontiers of scientific research and innovation, regenerative medicine.

wind energy engineer
Publications Oct 15, 2021

Innovation patents: options for challenging problematic cases

What are your options if you identify an innovation patent that affects your freedom to operate?

Publications Aug 26, 2021

Patent drafting conventions fall foul of Australian Courts

In a recent opposition appeal decision of the Federal Court of Australia, an Australian patent application by Nalco Company was found invalid for lack of support and lack of clear enough and complete enough disclosure.

Publications Aug 20, 2021

Revisiting how early is earliest? Further developments in Australian patent term extension law

Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. v Sandoz Pty Ltd [2021] FCA 947

Publications Aug 18, 2021

Expert evidence keeps RAFT buoyant in strawman patent opposition

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) v Cytec Industries Inc. [2021] APO 27

law gavel
Publications Aug 05, 2021

A comeback for Australian patent oppositions

With Australia’s innovation patent system set to end later this month, pre-grant opposition proceedings will likely play a significant role in the strategies of challengers.

Publications Aug 04, 2021

Draft roadmap for Australian regenerative medicine released for comment

AusBiotech has released a draft strategic roadmap for a new regenerative medicine Catalyst.

dna research
Publications Jul 02, 2021

Guidance on patenting diagnostics in Australia: Ariosa Diagnostics v Sequenom

Federal Court confirms that a non-invasive diagnostic test for prenatal conditions is patentable subject matter in Australia.

researcher in lab
Publications Jun 18, 2021

How the proposed patent box scheme could benefit Australian industry

Principal Karen Sinclair discusses the Australian Government’s proposed patent box scheme and what needs to be considered to ensure successful implementation.

News Jun 17, 2021

Griffith Hack maintains top tier status in IP STARS 2021 rankings

Griffith Hack has maintained its status as an industry leader in patent prosecution, receiving tier one status in the IP Stars 2021 rankings. Principals Janelle Borham and Amanda Stark were both recognised individually as Patent Stars.

lab research
Publications Jun 16, 2021

How early is earliest? Developments in Australian patent term extension law

Malcolm Lyons looks at the decision in Ono Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd v Commissioner of Patents which has provided long needed clarity on requests for patent term extension.

solar farm
Publications May 26, 2021

The end is near for Australia’s innovation patent system: What you need to know

Australia’s innovation patent system is ending soon, but, there’s still time to take advantage of the system – you just need to act soon.

Publications May 12, 2021

Australia’s Federal Budget 2021: Key takeaways and opportunities

Investment in tech, research and innovation highlights value of IP protection

engineers consulting
Publications Dec 07, 2020

Australian government rediscovers R&D value amid COVID-19 crisis

With two quarters of consecutive GDP contraction due to coronavirus-related shutdowns, Australia is now poised to face economic challenges not experienced since 1991.

researcher in lab
Publications Dec 01, 2020

Thirteen – unlucky for some: Support and sufficiency in Australia following MSD v Wyeth

The MSD v Wyeth judgment demonstrates the more exacting standard now required for the level of disclosure in patent specifications. It also cements the shift in Australia towards alignment with UK and European requirements.

Publications Nov 18, 2020

Ono: Broader is not always better

Why is patent term extension is so important to companies developing and commercialising new pharmaceutical substances?

Publications Oct 20, 2020

Protecting your digital health

Track and trace smartphone applications used in the fight against COVID 19 are representative of a relatively new industry falling between the healthcare, IT, medical devices and pharmaceutical sector. 

Publications Oct 19, 2020

Owning COVID-19: Would if you could?

f the Earth’s biome, viruses are part of its biodiversity, but has consideration been given as to whether anyone can ‘own’ or should benefit from COVID-19? 

Publications Aug 17, 2020

Unproven hypotheses in clinical trials can be novelty-destroying

We review the decision in Mylan Health Pty Ltd v Sun Pharma ANZ Pty Ltd which may have far-reaching implications for pharmaceutical patent holders or applicants in Australia.

Publications Jun 18, 2020

Pharmacoeconomics and patent practice in Australia

While Australia remains an attractive destination for patentees, a careful patent strategy is required to negotiate its complex regulatory, demographic and socioeconomic environment.

News Feb 07, 2020

Griffith Hack announces the elevation of two team members to principal

Griffith Hack is thrilled to formally announce the elevation of Gavin Adkins and Robyn Heard to principal.

Publications Mar 04, 2019

Simple steps to better IP portfolio management

Continuous portfolio management is a crucial plank of best practice intellectual asset management.

Publications Jul 17, 2018

CRISPR-Cas9 Update: Collision of Trends in IP and Life Sciences

CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing may not just be the greatest scientific breakthrough of this century, but also provides many lessons on patenting life science technologies.