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News Jun 29, 2023

Griffith Hack announces four promotions, including two principal elevations

Griffith Hack is proud to announce the promotion of four team members, including the elevation of Dr James-Robert Cram and Kerry Dick to principal

IPO Conference
Publications Sep 21, 2023

Collaboration, connectivity & magic: Insights from the 2023 IPO Annual Meeting

Aaron LePoidevin and Georgina Higinbotham provide their insights and key takeaways from the 2023 IPO Annual Meeting in Boston.

Publications Sep 13, 2023

Applicants beware: Amendments to trade mark specifications during litigation are not guaranteed

A recent trade mark dispute between Energy Beverages LLC and Kangaroo Mother Australia Pty Ltd provides useful guidance to applicants seeking to amend a trade mark application during the course of litigation.

News Aug 29, 2023

Griffith Hack attending conferences across the globe this September & October

Griffith Hack will be represented at several global intellectual property and industry conferences this September and October.

Manuka Flower
Publications Jul 18, 2023

The final chapter: Manuka Honey and the interplay between New Zealand trade mark law and culture

The long-running trade mark dispute over Manuka Honey provided comprehensive overview of the interplay of certification marks and indigenous considerations in New Zealand.

Publications Jul 13, 2023

Generative AI and its impact on the IP system

Griffith Hack managing director Aaron LePoidevin takes a look into the challenges, opportunities and potential overall impact of generative AI technology on the IP system.

Publications Jul 11, 2023

Katy Perry v Katie Perry: A tale of two women, two teenage dreams and one name

Singer Katy Perry has lost her protracted trade mark dispute with an Australian fashion designer.

IP Stars
News May 24, 2023

Griffith Hack team recognised in IP Stars 2023

Griffith Hack principals Amanda Stark, Nicola Scheepers, Janelle Borham and Karen Sinclair have been recognised in the IP STARS rankings for 2023.

News May 01, 2023

Griffith Hack attending INTA 2023 in Singapore

Griffith Hack will be attending INTA 2023 in Singapore from 16-20 May.

News Apr 12, 2023

Rachael Lopez named finalist in Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30

Griffith Hack’s Rachael Lopez has been named a finalist in the 2023 Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 awards.

Publications Apr 03, 2023

American Wendy’s vs Australian Wendy’s: Can there be two ‘Wendy’s’?

Ellen Baker looks at US fast food chain Wendy’s plans to establish itself in the Australian market.

News Apr 03, 2023

Griffith Hack named top tier firm for Trade Marks by IP Stars

Griffith Hack is proud to have been recognised as a Tier One firm for Trade Marks in the 2023 edition of IP Stars.

Insights Mar 27, 2023

New Zealand honey producers back down in Mānuka trade mark dispute

Shannon Fati looks at the long-running battle between New Zealand and Australian honey producers over the use of the term Mānuka.

News Feb 10, 2023

Griffith Hack Law and Trade Marks team shine again in WTR 1000 for 2023

Griffith Hack has been ranked in the Silver category for Trade Mark Prosecution and in Bronze for Enforcement and Litigation in the WTR 1000 rankings.

fashion sketches
Publications Dec 21, 2022

Overseas Trade Mark Update – December 2022

Nicola Scheepers and Jacqueline Simpkin address new developments for attorneys registering trade marks in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Washington DC
News Apr 19, 2022

Griffith Hack attending INTA 2022 in Washington D.C.

Griffith Hack will be attending INTA 2022 in Washington D.C from 30 April – 4 May.

advanced manufacturing
Publications Mar 30, 2022

Federal Budget 2022: What’s in it to accelerate Australia’s innovation agenda?

We discuss the key measures in Australia’s 2022-23 federal budget that could help drive innovation, research commercialisation and business growth.

Publications Mar 23, 2022

.au domain name extension launches: what you need to know

From 24 March 2022 it will be possible to register domain names with .au as the extension.

News Mar 04, 2022

Griffith Hack recognised in WTR 1000 rankings for 2022

Griffith Hack has been ranked in the Silver category for Trade Mark Prosecution and in Bronze for Enforcement and Litigation in the WTR 1000 rankings.

News Jun 17, 2021

Griffith Hack maintains top tier status in IP STARS 2021 rankings

Griffith Hack has maintained its status as an industry leader in patent prosecution, receiving tier one status in the IP Stars 2021 rankings. Principals Janelle Borham and Amanda Stark were both recognised individually as Patent Stars.

Publications May 12, 2021

Australia’s Federal Budget 2021: Key takeaways and opportunities

Investment in tech, research and innovation highlights value of IP protection

Publications Feb 18, 2021

Australian domain name rule change for trade mark owners

New rules governing the eligibility of registering .au domain names come into effect soon, affecting domain name holders who rely on an Australian trade mark to hold a .au domain name.

wine bottles
Publications Dec 21, 2020

Wine export label directory a win for Australian wine brand owners

A new wine export label directory to help Australian wine producers protect their intellectual property rights is expected to commence in April 2021.

food beverage
Publications Oct 09, 2020

Iron Chef cooks-up trade mark opposition

Griffith Hack trade mark specialists are serving up their thoughts on recent food and beverage trade mark disputes. 

Publications Sep 02, 2020

Certification Trade Marks: the buzz and battle over ‘Mānuka’ honey

Given the increasing popularity, demand and associated price tag of Mānuka honey, it is unsurprising that New Zealand’s Mānuka honey industry is fiercely protective of the commodity.

Publications Aug 11, 2020

Special tweetment: Who owns the IP for social media content?

Social media content creators rarely consider the rights they maintain over uploaded content – we take a look at what they need to know.

Publications Jan 17, 2020

Trade mark protection shake up for Myanmar

A new legal framework in Myanmar has been announced for trade mark registration and protection, impacting upon both foreign and domestic trade mark owners.

Publications Mar 04, 2019

Simple steps to better IP portfolio management

Continuous portfolio management is a crucial plank of best practice intellectual asset management.

Publications Oct 02, 2018

Sponsorship deals: Risks and rewards

When things go well, sponsorships and endorsements can be mutually beneficial, and the names go hand-in-hand. But it’s not all smooth sailing, as associating your brand with a celebrity, organisation or event can be a risky affair.