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Griffith Hack celebrates excellence with four promotions

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Date published
01 July 2024

Griffith Hack is proud to announce the promotion of four team members – Dr Megan Cole, Dr Radhika Moore and Dr Arun Nagasubramanian – to Associate level and Simon Gapes to Special Counsel. These promotions are effective from 1 July 2024.

“We have significant breadth and depth of talent across the firm,” said Griffith Hack’s managing director Aaron LePoidevin. “It is wonderful to recognise hard work and strong performances in this way, and to support our colleagues with career growth.”

Find out more about our promoted team members:

Dr Megan Cole
Megan is a patent attorney based in Melbourne. She is technically qualified in chemical and biological engineering and has extensive experience in polymer chemistry. Before entering the IP profession, Megan trained as a postdoctoral scientist where she gained further experience adapting polymers for specific biological purpose and was awarded multiple prestigious fellowships and regularly published her research findings. Find out more about Megan.

Simon Gapes
Simon is a lawyer and trade marks attorney based in Melbourne. He specialises in trade marks with a practice that spans both contentious and non-contentious trade mark work. Find out more about Simon.

Dr Radhika Moore
Radhika is a patent attorney based in Perth. She completed her postgraduate studies in the field of mineral processing, looking at lithium extraction from hard-rock silicates and then went on to work as a process engineer, where she specialised in mineral processing. Find out more about Radhika.

Dr Arun Nagasubramanian
Arun is a registered patent and trade marks attorney in our Engineering and ICT team based in Sydney. He is an engineer turned researcher with a background in metallurgical and materials engineering. He has worked in quality control and contributed to research divisions of different metallic component fabrication companies in India. And in Singapore, Arun managed a chemical laboratory for performing materials, with his work published in several peer reviewed journals. Find out more about Arun.