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Podcast: A quantum computer in your pocket?

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26 September 2023

Griffith Hack patent attorney Dr Simone Shu-Yen Lee joined the From Idea to Intellectual Property podcast to discuss all things quantum computing with host Lisa Leong.

Quantum computing has quickly entered the mainstream, becoming a ubiquitous term used by technologists and non-technologists alike. But is it just a fad or a technological revolution that could alter aspects of all our lives?

In this episode, Simone joins host Lisa Leong to break down the complexities of quantum computing at both a conceptual and technical level, and provides three examples of where the technology could be applied. Simone also discusses patent filing trends in this space and explains how Australia is capitalising on this ground-breaking industry.

With a PhD in Optical Physics from the University of Adelaide, Simone draws on her vast knowledge and experience to simplify this complex topic.

About the podcast series

From Idea to Intellectual Property explores today’s big ideas through the lens of the intellectual property specialists who work with inventors and innovators to bring their ideas to reality.

Hosted by ABC Radio’s Lisa Leong, an IP lawyer turned broadcast extraordinaire, Lisa brings her own professional insight to the podcast, along with her personable and entertaining interview style.

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