Knowledge Management

In today’s hypercompetitive global market, knowing your actual market position has never been more important. Well informed companies, in the knowledge of their relative strengths and weaknesses are able to anticipate future markets, identify opportunities for immediate or future exploitation, and locate collaboration partners and customers.

With a clearer perspective on the future, companies make robust decisions about their strategic goals, build more effective strategies and can monitor progress with greater accuracy.

We can assist you evaluate and analyse innovation opportunities and risks using intelligence from a range of sources. These include patent, trade mark and litigation databases as well as financial and market information sources.

The services provided by the IP Analytics team will assist you with:

  • Patents novelty and freedom to operate searches
  • Landscape searches to understand the existing registered IP in your area of technology.
  • Exploring new areas for innovation providing insights into untapped opportunities, allowing you to create and capture value.
  • Trade mark clearance searches
  • Infringement searches, whether to assess your own risk of infringing or to determine if your IP rights are being infringed
  • Validity searches to identify relevant “prior art”
  • “Watching” services to monitor IP activity by competitors or in particular technology areas, keeping you a step ahead.

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