Griffith Hack proud to sponsor MedTech’s Got Talent (MTGT)

15 August 2017

Griffith Hack is pleased to announce it is sponsoring Australia’s largest medical technology start-up competition as the event’s exclusive intellectual property partner.

This is the third year that Griffith Hack has sponsored the annual Medtech’s Got Talent competition, which aims to help start-ups in the medical technology sector develop and commercialise their innovations, and grow.

More than $36 million has been raised by past challenge entrants, five are on the market and three manufacturing contracts have been signed and initiated.

Griffith Hack Principal Nadia Odorico says Australia’s medtech sector is thriving with innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups wanting to improve health outcomes for people around the world.

“Competitions like MedTech’s Got Talent provide a valuable and much-needed platform for early stage start-ups to drive development of their inventions,” she says.

“Griffith Hack welcomes the opportunity to be part of the competition and provide IP support to finalists and winners that gives them the tools to protect their ideas.”

Griffith Hack drafted and filed a provisional patent for the competition’s 2016 winner, hearing technology developer Hemideina, as part of their prize.

Co-founder Dr Liz Williams said protecting intellectual property with a patent was hugely important for an early-stage start-up company like Hemideina.

“It shows investors that we have an asset that they can invest in,” she says, noting that the cochlear implant market is worth $1.8 billion a year, despite only serving 2% of the profoundly deaf population.

This year’s gala final pitch event will be held on November 30.