Festival sparks new possibilities

28 October 2019

On Thursday 24th of October, Griffith Hack opened the doors of our Sydney office to welcome participants to our workshop, ‘Adding value to your start up through Intellectual Property’, as part of Spark Festival 2019.

The evening included presentations by our intellectual property experts; David Hughes, Tim Staley, Jessica Lee, Jennifer Wyndham-Wheeler, Harriet Young and Juliet Evans. Topics covered included:

  • Patents and Designs
  • Brand Protection
  • Tax Incentives and Grants
  • Raising money from your IP

 Following the presentation attendees were given the opportunity to interact with our IP professionals in a “speed dating style”, in addition to also connecting with other attendees. The networking component of the event was a valuable experience for Griffith Hack staff, speaking freely about IP and start-ups to their attendees made for an enjoyable end to the night. 

The presentation was well received with attendees being able to explore their own IP challenges with our team.