World leading API-driven innovation for intellectual property

30 August 2019

Griffith Hack (part of IPH Limited) was the first IP Australia customer to transact using the new APIs, successfully renewing a patent for technology that reduces greenhouse gas emissions of coal-fired power plants.

“Griffith Hack are a leading innovator and have been one of our most engaged customers. Their feedback has been critical to shaping the direction of our digital services build”, Director General of Intellectual Property Australia, Michael Schwager.

Until recently, IP Australia’s existing business to business processes (including electronic filing and renewals) required the installation of custom software and the setup of physical servers within an attorney firm’s network. Not only is the approach costly and slow, it removes the ability for firms like ours to provide clients with live status updates. Over the past several months, members of Griffith Hack’s IT team have been supporting IP Australia in the development and fine-tuning of a world leading application programming interface (API), designed to replace the previous ‘one interaction per day’ system. “Australia’s position as a world leader in intellectual property services was confirmed when the first transaction from Griffith Hack was received via an innovative new API channel” Michael said.

Given its ability to offer clients near-live status updates, the new API approach will allow Griffith Hack to further improve service levels for clients. Griffith Hack’s Executive General Manager David Madigan welcomed the changes and recognised that the APIs will allow Griffith Hack to develop more sophisticated and integrated systems with IP Australia. “These benefits of being able to turn around a transaction in seconds, that's going to translate into real time savings for our staff and customers”, David said.