"An international focus is essential"

Byron says proving to a patent examiner that a client’s work is inventive is the best part of his job. Byron works internationally with clients in diverse industries like textiles, metallurgy, optical devices, packaging and safety systems and this is often the key to later successes he says. 

As well as assisting his clients through the patent drafting and examination process, Byron also helps clients obtain government funding, which he says is one of the common hurdles for emerging companies. He says having an international focus is a must for engineering companies. “Australian engineering companies can’t do business just in Australia. They won’t survive.” They need to capture the opportunity in Asia, despite the initial cultural differences when it comes to doing business.

Byron also has a keen interest in clean technology, with a number of clients operating in this space. Looking at the future of the industry, Byron says there is increasing recognition that natural gas will be a major energy source for years to come, as well as energy storage solutions such as car batteries and solar panels. As for Australia? “Australia is very reliant on coal. If Australia's reliance on coal continues, there needs to be a focus on creating new ways of capturing and storing carbon dioxide instead of releasing it into the atmosphere.”


  • Bachelor of Laws – Monash University
  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) – Monash University
  • Registered patent attorney (Australia and New Zealand)