“Knowing a client’s overarching commercial strategy and the role intellectual property plays in their business are the keys to achieving success.”

Claire’s passion for IP arose out of her university studies in international law, especially commercial, business and IP law in China and Europe.

She has combined that passion with her interest in start-ups, creative arts, renewable energies and disruptive technologies to engage with a broad spectrum of clients.

“We are working on everything from pro bono legal advice to early stage entrepreneurial businesses to re-branding campaigns and product launches for large multi-national companies,” she says.

Claire also has a strong sense for corporate social responsibility, with marketing and campaign experience for non-profit organisations, co-editing a publication on copyright and IP for creatives and sharing her experience with early-stage start-up entrepreneurs.

“IP is something young entrepreneurs need to be aware of from the moment they set out to create a business,” she says.

“I help them navigate the complex IP challenges they face when it comes to building a business such as registration, shareholder agreements and regulatory compliance.”

Claire’s interest in disruptive technologies has seen her examine their influence on legal reform, especially around crowd source equity funding to foster innovative fields such as fintech.


  • Bachelor of Laws - Deakin University, Australia