Daniel Hsieh

Daniel Hsieh is a patent and trade marks attorney based in Melbourne.

Daniel is interested in working with clean technology and has helped prosecute inventions related to solar energy systems, electrochromic windows, fuel cells/batteries, and improved mining resource detection/modelling. 

Daniel has an interest in watching how the patentable subject matter case law develops with respect to software inventions across different jurisdictions and has written a paper about the state of the field after the US Supreme Court handed down the Alice decision. 

Daniel enjoys helping clients obtain the most comprehensive protection for their IP and having the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of interesting technology.


  • Masters of Intellectual Property Law (The University of Melbourne) 
  • Juris Doctor (Santa Clara University, USA) 
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (UCLA, USA) 


  • Publication: “Current Issues with Patenting Software” IEEE Potentials, 2014 (regarding the US patentable subject matter landmark case Alice Corp v. CLS Bank International (2014)).