“Companies can get trapped working on everyday spot fires and making small changes that feel safe. This leaves room for innovative competitors to take their business."

"It’s not about pursuing everything, but being selective about products and markets and then putting in the energy required to have something take off.” For Georgina, the thrill is in being able to use her knowledge to pursue the best protection for new technologies. With over a decade at Griffith Hack she rarely finds herself doing the same work twice. Georgina puts this down to her collaborative approach with clients to assess their commercial needs before determining what she can bring to them. 

A former United States patent agent, Georgina’s Australian patent practice focuses on mechanical systems and devices generally, with particular experience in devices for the medical and pharmaceutical delivery industry, and mining and building technologies. 


  • Bachelor of Science - University of Wollongong
  • Bachelor of Laws - University of Wollongong
  • Registered Patent Attorney (Australia and New Zealand)