"Failure to innovate does significant damage to business"

From small start-ups to some of Australia’s biggest players in the engineering space, across mining, minerals processing, steelmaking and fabrication, solar, and packaging, Greg says the importance of innovation has never changed. “Innovation is essential to staying alive. Failure to innovate can do significant damage to business.”

Early in his career Greg worked as an in-house patent attorney for BHP, which he credits for giving him insight into the complex and changing needs of his clients. Investment in technology is particularly important for mining companies. Greg says, “with high capital and labour costs and deteriorating supply, technology is more and more critical for Australian mining companies. Those who are focusing on reinventing technology are going to be far better placed into the future.”

As well as helping clients with patents in Australia, Greg advises Australian clients on filing and commercialising their IP in Asia. China is a particular focus. “There is huge untapped potential in China that Australian innovators can’t ignore. The challenge is connecting technology in Australia with the right networks and investment in China."


  • Bachelor of Materials Engineering – Monash University
  • Registered Patent and Trade Mark Attorney (Australia and New Zealand)