“I make a point of thoroughly understanding my client’s requirements and what they value, so I can provide solutions that meet these needs.”

Jacquie has worked with clients including local biotech companies, universities and overseas manufacturers and has almost 10 years’ experience in the profession.

She has experience in drafting patent specifications, in Australian and overseas patent prosecution, in the preparation of advice on patentability and in providing freedom to operate opinions. Jacquie has also prepared evidence for opposition proceedings before the Australian Patent Office.

Jacquie has a background in synthetic organic chemistry, in particular, medicinal chemistry and structure-based drug design. Her PhD covered disciplines from molecular biology and x-ray crystallography to medicinal and computational chemistry in the development of new drugs for malaria.

Jacquie also held postdoctoral positions at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne working on the isolation and purification of membrane proteins, and at Institut Pasteur in France studying serine-threonine kinases for the design of novel therapeutics for tuberculosis.

Jacquie also has industry experience having worked at a large chemical company during her undergraduate studies. 


  • Doctor of Philosophy – The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and The University of Melbourne

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Monash University

  • Master of Intellectual Property Law - The University of Melbourne
  • Registered patent attorney (Australia and New Zealand)