jenny park

Dr Jenny Park is a patent and trademarks attorney based in Sydney.

Jenny is involved in the drafting, opposition and prosecution of patent applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical fields, including patent applications for medical treatments for humans and animals, and new pharmaceutical compounds and formulations.

She advises clients including both Australian and overseas companies and universities researching and developing innovative products and technologies ranging from cleaning agents to cancer therapies.

Prior to joining Griffith Hack, Jenny worked as a research chemist at the Dyson Perrins Laboratory at the University of Oxford on a project involved with the design and synthesis of organoplatinum(II) complexes for use as therapeutic agents in the treatment of cancer, arthritis, and viral and parasitic infections.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Organic Chemistry) – University of Sydney
  • Master of Industrial Property – University of Technology Sydney
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours I) – University of Sydney
  • Registered Patent and Trade Mark Attorney (Australia and New Zealand)