"Understanding a client’s mindset, risk appetite and needs of their business is key to success."

Jing is a chemical engineer with a background in polymer chemistry.  Using his knowledge of engineering and chemistry, Jing’s practice mainly deals with inventions at the border of traditional engineering and chemical technologies. Jing has particular experience in polymer synthesis using conventional radical polymerisation and controlled radical polymerisation techniques; electrochemistry, including electrolytic cells; water treatment technology including descaling equipment; surface chemistry including self-cleaning coatings; and mineral processing including vanadium and clay recoveries from mineral ores, and copper extraction.

Jing’s work includes drafting and prosecution of local and international patent applications and providing infringement and novelty opinions. Jing also evaluates and manages patent portfolios for a number of multi-national and local companies.

The patent profession attracted Jing because it encompasses three different fields of science, law and commerce. The cherry on top for Jing he says is "being exposed to cutting edge-technology and helping inventors use this technology to grow their business".


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering) - The University of Melbourne
  • Master of Intellectual Property Law - The University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (Honours) - The University of Melbourne

  • Registered Patent and Trade Mark Attorney (Australia and New Zealand)