“Creating an identity for your company in the market and defending are key strategies for any business.”

Rachel knows the value of brands. Before deciding to become a Trade Mark Attorney she worked for Bauer Media, the publisher of many of Australia’s leading online and magazine lifestyle publications.

The industry is intensely competitive, especially online, and being able to differentiate yourself from your competitors and offer something unique to your customers is critical to success. 

Rachel brings this knowledge and experience to her role as a Trade Mark Attorney at Griffith Hack.

“A brand and its value can be one of the most significant pieces of property belonging to a company,” she says.

“A brand’s reputation and recognition in the market are incredibly important to protect as without them they could cost sales and threaten the viability of a company.”

Rachel enjoys the robust analysis that goes into determining whether trade marks are deceptively similar or substantially identical and advising clients of their rights in taking on competitors.

She also has an appreciation for how symbols and the wording of trade marks can take on different meanings in different countries, particularly in the wake of the Slants case in the US.


  • Juris Doctor – University of Technology Sydney
  • Bachelor of Arts (Communication) – University of Technology Sydney