Tim has always had a passion for innovation and the commercial side of medical research, particularly within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Tim currently works within the Life Sciences and Chemical team at Griffith Hack, and is studying a Masters of Intellectual Property Law to become a registered Patent and Trade Marks Attorney in Australia.

Tim’s multidisciplinary research background is centred upon the biological and chemical sciences, namely in organic synthesis and G protein-coupled receptor drug discovery. Throughout his studies he has published several research articles in leading international journals in the area of dopaminergic agents, and presented work at various conferences both nationally, and internationally. In addition, Tim worked as a Research Fellow at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Monash University), where his primary research involved the design and synthesis of ligands acting at the adenosine receptors, and their biochemical characterisation in various signalling assays. Prior to completing his PhD, Tim also worked in the radiopharmaceutical sector, where he was responsible for operation of medical cyclotrons, and the synthesis of fluorinated ligands for positron emission tomography.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Joint Award & Doctoral Training Centre (Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology) - Monash University/University of Nottingham (UK) 
  • Honours Degree Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Monash University  
  • Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology & Analytical Chemistry) - Victoria University