“It’s not just your IP, it’s other people’s too. Why invest in something you can’t own?”

Tim Staley makes the intangible tangible, clever IT ideas that everyone else wishes they’d thought of first. Like commercial software, business systems, electronic commerce, fintech security, mathematical applications or mental schemes. He words it in a way that makes the unpatentable, patentable.

For Tim, the Australian mining boom seems to have been replaced by a boom in small IT startups. “It’s a Holy Trinity – an improvement in quality, quantity and a willingness to invest. The challenge is, if you’re small your IP is easily ripped off, so you need to protect it from the start.”

Tim has specialist knowledge in the patenting of technologies and acts for universities, research organisations and large corporations in the areas of IT, computer software, electronic engineering, medical devices and internet applications.

His first question is ‘Is it worth doing?’ His final word, though, is “You can always sell your IP later.”


  • HTEC in Electronic and Electrical Engineering – England
  • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) – University of Birmingham
  • Registered patent attorney (Australia and New Zealand)