"Everything turns on asking the right questions. That’s what leads to making the right decisions."

"You can’t outprice the Chinese," says Tony Mizzi. "To generate income from your technology you need to do more than undercut the competitors. You need an angle or innovation so you can compete on a higher value basis."

Extensive experience in prosecution of foreign patent applications and resolving examiners’ objections gives Tony a broad view of the business value of patents. "IP is a mechanism to add value to the business, either as an asset for example prior to an IPO, or to generate income through royalties or outright sale."

Tony specialises in the patenting of mechanical, electrical, mining and general engineering-related inventions in Australia and internationally. A significant and growing area of his patent practice relates to mining equipment and processes, such as down hole drilling equipment, fluid motors, heavy haul rail and road transport, and topsides and subsea oil and gas equipment and infrastructure.

When it comes to creating the patent, Tony takes a hands-on view. "Get involved with the organisation as well as the product. Get your hands dirty. Look at it, play with it, use it and pull it apart. Understand it."


  • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering – South Australian Institute of Technology
  • Registered Patent and Trade Mark Attorney (Australia and New Zealand)