You’ve heard of how patents, trade marks, copyright and designs work. But do you know how to make them work for you?

Whether it’s a new invention, a consumer brand or a song you’ve written, there are intellectual property considerations you need to be aware of. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to get the most out of what you’ve created either by yourself or when engaging with IP professionals.

Griffith Hack has developed a range of seminars and workshops that explain the various types of IP and how they can be applied. These courses can be tailored to the individual needs of businesses and conducted at a Griffith Hack office or your own.

IP for Accountants:

Putting a value on IP can be critical for business.  Accountants play an important role in putting together the value of intangible assets and recording them on a balance sheet. To help accountants discuss IP with their clients workshop topics include:

  • IP rights
  • Managing an IP portfolio
  • Commercialising IP
  • IP valuations

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Bespoke seminars:

Led by IP specialists across Griffith Hack, the series is made up of a number of modules you can pick and choose from. The modules include:

  • Brand protection
  • Online/social media issues
  • Ownership of inventions
  • IP freedom to operate issues
  • Advertising and marketing

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Patents seminars:

The patents seminars are broken into modules that focus on a range of areas relevant to patents. Conducted by our expert patent attorneys, you can be sure you’ll be learning the best way to protect your IP. The modules include:

  • IP 101
  • Patent skills workshop
  • IP analysis
  • IP for start-ups

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