It's all different. What you’re allowed to patent, where, and what has been patented before.

Patents used to be all about the technology, correctly describing the invention. They still are, but patents are harder both to get and defend. They’re also about which part of the invention to patent, where to patent, whether to keep, sell or licence. Even whether to patent at all. The strategy is as important as the technology, that’s why it’s an expert’s game.

Our attorneys hold qualifications in fields such as chemistry, physics, biotechnology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and materials engineering. They assist clients in a wide range of industries protecting their mechanical devices, products, business methods, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, information and communication technology including:

  • providing opinions on patentability;
  • drafting, filing and prosecuting patents;
  • providing strategic advice on development, management, enforcement and defence of patent portfolios;
  • providing advice on freedom-to-operate and infringement;
  • due diligence and IP audits;
  • strategic and technical management of patent oppositions;
  • advising on patent licensing and other commercialisation issues;
  • watching services; and
  • enforcing and defending patents.