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A strong patent plays a pivotal role in safeguarding innovation and future return on investment.

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Our team of registered patent attorneys partner with you to navigate the complex patent landscape in Australia, New Zealand and across international markets.

Obtaining a patent for your invention is complex. And as patents become harder both to get and defend, there are now many factors to consider during the process. Which part of the invention to patent? Where to patent? Whether to keep, sell or licence? Even whether to patent at all.

Having a comprehensive patent strategy that addresses these questions is critical. And that’s where we thrive.

How Griffith Hack can help you

We partner with our clients to advise on, prepare and defend patents and patent portfolios to safeguard competitive advantage and maximise commercial impact. We aim to go further – to provide tailored solutions for our clients that obtain the broadest scope of protection possible for their technology and innovations.

Our patent attorneys hold technical qualifications in engineering, electrical engineering, IT, physics, chemistry and life sciences specialisations – many with post-doctoral research and industry experience. They understand highly technical subject matter and the commercial challenges our clients face, which assists in their capability to draft high quality patents, deliver incisive strategic advice, and provide a seamless client experience.

As Australia’s largest filer of domestic patents, we are the firm of choice for Australian business. Working for local clients involves strategic thinking and a commercial overlay – in other words, we consider the big picture. And when working with associates from overseas, we don’t just follow instructions, we assess whether what is proposed will obtain the desired objectives and provide feedback if necessary to optimise results.

Our expertise and services

Griffith Hack’s patent team can assist you through all stages of the patent process. We provide tailored advice and personal support across the following areas.

  • Advising on inventorship and ownership
  • Providing opinions on patentability
  • Drafting, filing and prosecuting patents
  • Providing strategic advice on development, management, enforcement and defence of patent portfolios
  • Providing advice on freedom-to-operate and infringement
  • Due diligence and IP audits
  • Strategic and technical conduct of patent oppositions
  • Advising on patent licensing and other commercialisation issues
  • Qualitative portfolio assessment and advice to support capital raising and restructuring, and inform investment;
  • Reviewing market and conference disclosures;
  • Novelty and infringement searching, patent and landscape analysis and insight, patent watching surveillance services
  • Enforcing and defending patents