Watermark Integration

In November 2019, we announced the integration of Watermark into Griffith Hack, to operate under the Griffith Hack brand.

Very little will change for Watermark's clients as a result of this process. Watermark contacts will continue to work with you as they always have, with the same people, delivering the high-quality services you expect, and now with access to a greater breadth and depth of expertise across technologies.

The combined operations under the Griffith Hack brand begin on Monday 4 May 2020 and full integration is expected to be completed in July 2020.

Please note the following will take effect from Monday 4 May:

  • all correspondence, statements and invoices will begin to be branded Griffith Hack and information with respect to Watermark will migrate to the Griffith Hack website; 
  • Watermark's general email address will remain mail@watermark.com.au  until June 30.
  • emails sent to Watermark email addresses will be automatically forwarded to the corresponding ‘@griffithhack.com’ address, and you will begin to receive emails from our new ‘@griffithhack.com’ addresses; and
  • at this time, there will be no change to Watermark's physical mailing addresses or phone or fax numbers. Contact details for our offices can be found here.

Over the coming months we will be progressively integrating the content from the Watermark website into the Griffith Hack website, however for now you can find your usual Watermark contacts under the Our People section of the Griffith Hack website.

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